Thursday, February 22, 2018

New Watch!

I'm probably more surprised than you are that I bought a new watch. I went into the Hadar Mall in Talpiyot today with a friend, during our break in Matan.  I went from store to store asking if they have watches. No, I didn't go into any fancy jewelry stores. We decided that I'm better off with another inexpensive one.

In the stores that had watches, I didn't see any I liked. One had some childrens plastic digital watches. The price was right, NS30, but they looked awful. And I didn't want a digital watch. A digital watch must be "read," while the old fashioned watch face just needs a glance. I don't even need numbers.

Finally we walked into an inexpensive jewelry/accessory store which had a nice selection of watches for only NS49.90.  That's probably less than $14 including tax. I picked one out.

The name of the store, a chain I presume, is TOPTEN ACCESSORIES, and when I went to pay, the salesgirl saisd that it only cost NS29.90, as does most all the necklaces. So, I bought myself a necklace, too. That is only about $8-  Yes, that's it. It cost less than the price of a watch battery. No complaints there, and she said that if it stops, they'll replace the batter for free.

Of course, I wonder how long it will last...

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