Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Shiloh's Resident Chiropractor

Here in Shiloh we're pretty lucky to have a local chiropractor, Dr. Azriel Gordon, who has been working in the field for over thirty years. Many of my neighbors have been cared for by him. Dr. Gordon insists that he's not a medical doctor and calls what he does "tune ups." According to him, the body can heal itself, or function better, when properly cared for. He doesn't call the people he helps patients, either.

My brother-in-law, in New York, has been a chiropractor for about forty years, and from what I've seen, each chiropractor develops different methods. Dr. Gordon confirmed this.

Last night's gathering was to see the new clinic Dr. Gordon has opened, Optimal Wellness and Laws of Life Chiropractic Center of Shiloh. He explained his rationale of his practice and more. A few people told of how Dr. Gordon helped them. Click here and here for more information. Call 054-4849094 to make an appointment or ask more questions.


Unknown said...

How can I contact you privately? I ned to know how to get in touch with him. I am also a Chiropractor in Texas, USA.

Batya said...

Click the links in the post.