Friday, February 16, 2018

"You Need Coffee" Review Colombian

 Ever since it has opened, I've wanted to get ground coffee from "You Need Coffee." I love the name. It now has two stores both on Jaffa Road, Jerusalem, one near the Municipality and the other across from the shuq. This week I finally bought myself some ground coffee from there, three different ones.

I really must make it clear that I only buy the least expensive coffees available. NS10 for 100 grams of coffee is high enough a price, as far as I'm concerned. I try to always buy the strongest smelling of the least expensive.

Yesterday morning I opened the Colombian coffee. First of all, it was properly ground for the French Press. No powder. But although the beans seemed to have a nice aroma in the shop, it didn't fill my kitchen with even a faint scent. Maybe that's why it's one of the least expensive they sell. In terms of flavor and aroma, nothing here seems to be on the level of the packaged American ground coffee. What can I say, other than that I love the American packaged coffee. Its flavor beats pretty much everything I've bought in Israel.

Unlike every other place I've bought freshly ground coffee here in Israel, at the least the packaging in You Need Coffee is excellent. The other coffees I bought are safely stored.  I'm looking forward to trying them, too.

The staff was friendly and really seems to care about the coffee and customers. Gd willing, I'll be back.


Unknown said...

When I was drinking coffee, I bought the Brazilian beans there. Strong and flavorful - but I made it in my Italian stovetop espresso maker. I found the flavor of the coffee so nice, I didn't add milk, but I added sugar.

Batya said...

I will have to try those and perking may be better. Thanks

Noach said...

Price is not a good contributory factor towards taste! The "perfect coffee" is a dream because there is always another bean to try and a different brewing method to use. One ingredient of value at YNC is Korielli and the best advice and a detailed description of each bean in the shop. It is worth the time, patience and excitement to listen carefully and to review the final choice carefully, before making the committment and payment. The freshness and the method of brew will produce the aroma and the sigh of satisfaction is the final proof!
Don't be governed by price only, coffee is not a luxury, it is a delight to be savoured and enjoyed with every oneof the five senses and a different bean three times a day will enhanmce the experience to a level which is there every time, so go for it and prove it!