Monday, February 26, 2018

French Roast, #morningcoffeehaiku

Another coffee post for your drinking pleasure.

First the review of the French Roast which I bought at "You Need Coffee." It cost a bit more than the Colombian I had gotten there, but it does have a bit more flavor and aroma. Considering that I haven't liked any of the Columbian coffee bought ground in Israel, I hope I remember not to buy it any more in any coffee place. The French Roast was worth the extra money.

And now for a few more of my recent #morningcoffeehaiku collection/writings. They are posted most weekdays (non-Jewish Sabbath) on facebook.

winter rain returns
hot coffee to warm me up
thank Gd for the gifts

white winter morning
no snow, just very pale sky
choose to be happy

early, dark outside
French Roast, nice strong aroma
busy day today

Hot morning coffee
Now in cold Jerusalem
Family warms me

perked the new coffee
sadly too subtle for me
sun burst into sky

keeping coffee hot
on a cold winter morning
lots of plans today

Chodesh Tov, Dear Friends
May Adar bring joy to all
l'Chaim, coffee

hot instant coffee
busy day leaving early
blessed rain falling

cinnamon coffee
trying to add spice to life
when sky is dull grey

perked coffee fills air
let the caffein fill my brain
substitute for sleep

vanilla coffee
hot, strong perked to perfection
cool winter morning

coffee stock dwindling
soon back to perking daily
at least there's sunrise

steaming perked coffee
spectacular winter sky
must unfog my brain

I hope you like them even if you don't drink coffee or you read them at times other than dawn.

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