Monday, February 19, 2018

Fun Phone Photos

Last night on the Jerusalem lightrail I took this picture. I'm not quite sure what the app is, but it seems to be connected to facebook, photo "story." Everytime I use it it gives me different options. This is a sort of kaleidoscope view of the cabin in the train where the driver/engineer sits. IMHO, it's great. I was "focusing" on the trilingual plus icons sign asking passengers in the front seats to be quiet, since noise/talking disturbs the driver.

This morning I had taken too many pictures of the morning sky for my #morningcoffeehaiku. So, I decided to take the least interesting one and use one of the "effects" of that "story" app.

When I clicked it, I hadn't the vaguest idea what would happen. This is it!  I just couldn't resist adding the "Good morning, בוקר טוב" to it.

What do you think?


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