Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Myth debunked.

Aunt Boche just informed me, during Sunday visit, that we have always had the name Spiegelman. That means if looking for long-lost relatives, we can say:
Spiegelman from Poland and find relatives, well, sort of.

And what's a Spiegelman, characteristics, well,
first, Aunt Boche told me, that a few years ago, when Cousin Howard was working for Joanne Woodward, Aunt Boche passed real close to Paul Newman, took a good look and almost went into shock! He has Spiegelman-blue eyes, just the color her father had! And many of our Spiegelman relatives are into art, very talented, if I may say. Another Spiegelman characteristic is that we're not spectators, we're doers. Our men don't watch baseball, football or any other sports. We do or die, even the females. Unless our genes are defiled. And Aunt Ruda of another generation once told me that the family had businesses, even in Poland, poor Tevya we weren't.

So maybe we can find some more relatives.

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