Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I cut my hair again....

...by myself.

This probably is more interesting to women who cover their hair or plan on covering their hair or think about covering their hair.

We're approaching our 37th anniversary, and since then, with the exception of two times, nobody has ever cut my hair but me.

Until just under a year ago, my hair was long, and I just clipped it up for easy hiding. I would cut it periodically. It didn't matter if it was straight, even or anything, as long as I could pin it up.

It used to be very long, but over the years, I got tired of the tangles and cut it shorter, but not short at all. It's average, neither thick nor thin, and covered, it has never looked better. Covered hair doesn't frizz.

Last year, I got tired of the heat on my head and the clip holding it all together, so I decided to cut it. I asked a friend who had a hairdressing business at home. She said that she had stopped working. Another friend volunteered. But that first cut was just the cut I didn't want. So haircut #1 was a disappointment. I began trimming it by myself, but I wanted it cut better.

Then I went to a hairdressing school. That was even worse. The student did a different cut from the teacher, so my hair was totally lopsided. I went back to doing my own trimming.

It's long enough on the sides to be pinned back and hidden under hats. As it grows, it looks "cute" coming out under my ears, but my understanding of the halacha is that a married woman's hair shouldn't be a "prop" for her looks. It shouldn't be an "attraction." Once it's "cute" and draws attention, it has to go.

I keep planning of getting a professional cut, but...
this morning I just lopped it off myself. From what I can see and feel, it seems fine. How do I do it? I comb out some, grab it and then cut off what I don't want.

It's sort of like plucking my eyebrows. I can't see the hairs, but I know where I don't want any. I aim the tweezers, like I'm grabbing hairs, and... ouch! out comes a hair! Magic!


Mrs. Jude said...

I cut my own hair too! It usually starts off as a 'just a little off', then an 'oops, too much so I better cut more of everything' to a 'OH MAN!', then I get my husbands electric shaver, put the 1/2 inch attachment on and go for it! I actually dont like or need it that short, but somehow I can't manage even... lol
And one uneven little section can drive me absolutely nuts!

muse said...

I haven't done the shaving, and I want a "little hair." I don't want it too short, but...