Friday, March 23, 2007

When to switch?

As you may have guessed, I'm referring to switching the kitchen to Pesach mode. This year has the hardest schedule, with the seder on Monday night.
IMHO, the very easiest is when the seder is on Friday night, next is the Saturday night, after Shabbat. I know that for many it's terribly confusing, but personally, I like it that way, especially since the last day of Pesach is a Shabbat, and there's a whole uninterrupted week to enjoy. OK, for people not in Israel, who have to keep two days of "yom tov," it means lots of preparation, but that's one of the "prices of living in chutz l'Aretz."
We only have the "three day marathon" with Rosh Hashannah.
Another reason I like the Saturday night seder is that I come to it rested after a very simple Shabbat, after preparing EVERYTHING in advance.
Last night my husband suggested that we switch before Shabbat, even if it means bringing ready-made food in. Considering that we're an "empty nest," maybe I'll take him up on it.
I already have the upper shelf in the freezer full of KP food ready to cook. There's just too much tempting carbohydrates still in the closet. I guess I'll be eating so much noodles this week, that living without for a week plus, will be a relief. has hundreds of online image generating gadgets (banner ad maker, sign generator, label designer, custom e-cards, button creator, etc). Make your own words show up in images to use on your website or blog!


marallyn ben moshe said...

shabbat shalom muse...i am pooped already and i haven't week the kitchen...sigh

muse said...

Im always pooped, just say "cleaning time" and I can think of a million other things to do.

Anonymous said...

those sign genertors are fun that was from where i got that Rabbis holding the protest sign as well.

enjoy 'em, and take it easy, pesach is almost here....

demand a hesev-bed for yourself too this year to recline at the seder, u deserve it

muse said...

I credited you the first time I used them. thanks again

I'd fall asleep at the seder if I got too comfortable.