Thursday, March 29, 2007

Only in Israel!

Daylight Savings Time starts tonight. They've been giving instructions on TV. Now, listen carefully:

"At 2am, get up, and turn your clock one hour forward. It will then be 3am."

Got that. To do it right, we have to get up at 2am. Or do they think we'll be up at 2am any way? Why would I be up at 2am?

  • to party?

  • to clean?

  • to feed a baby?

  • to turn my clock ahead an hour?

Not me!

Is it one of those things, that if you miss it: Al tachmitzu! Then you "can't join the party." Does it mean that if we don't change our clocks "on time," at 2am, we'll be deprived of Daylight Savings Time? Or will there be a government fine, like the penalty for paying off your mortgage early?

So, sshhhhhhhh, don't tell the government inspectors. I'm not going to wake up specially at 2am. My plan is to move my watch and alarm clock ahead before I go to sleep. Sshhhh, I hope you can keep a secret!


Anonymous said...

Very sneaky, I must say.

I'm a member of the same club.

Batya said...

So, I can trust you?

Anonymous said...