Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Pre-Pesach Creativity or The World's Easiest Vegetable Pie!

Isn't there a saying about desperation and creativity?

Well, I don't make vegetable pies, but I did. Before the Passover Holiday we have to use up food that isn't permitted over the holiday. That makes for some strange meals at times.

My elder son loves "mallowach," a fatty Yemenite bread. In Israel they're easy to find in the frozen food section of most groceries and supermarkets. When he was living here he stocked up on them, and then he moved out. I don't eat the stuff. It's really fattening.

To make sure I always had some low-calorie foods, I bought some frozen vegetables, but I never finished the package.

So, I made a shidduch, a match made in heaven, between mallowach and frozen vegetables! That's right! A vegetable pie! Two to be precise.

unbaked vegetable pie

Easier than Easy Vegetable Pie

  • place one mallowach on the bottom of the pan
  • put a generous amount of vegetables over it
  • I added a freshly sliced onion
  • then put another mallowach on top
  • bake in a medium oven until the upper mallowach is high and crispy, like a mallowach should be
  • You can add cheese or anything else you want.
  • meat should be precooked, since the mallowach cooks quickly, even if frozen
  • to reduce calories, only use the upper mallowach

 vegetable pie


Anonymous said...

I am houuuuuuungry and i waaaaaaaaaant a piece of that, please? i'll make a ehrliche brocha...

thanks for the mention! your kindness has no limit

marallyn ben moshe said...

oy i loveeeeeeeeee that recipe...thanks i love it...oh i said that already

Baleboosteh said...

Yum! That looks great Batya!

muse said...

thanks to all of you!!
So nice to be appreciated!
Cooking can be so easy.

tnspr569 said...

looks yummy!

muse said...

too bad you're not here to eat it!

tnspr569 said...

I have enough of a job eating the food here, lol :-P

muse said...

Is it as creative as mine?

Yitzchok said...

Thanks Batya! You sent the link to my daughter Faigy, who passed it on to me. Just wish I could get malawach here in Crimea! LOL! (No, there would go my diet!) It really looks good though. So creative!

Leah (This might post as Yitzchok -- if anyone knows how to change it back to Leah, I'd appreciate the info!)

muse said...

It shouldn't be too hard to change the name back...

Basically, any sort of plain dough, even pizza dough could be rolled out, or stretched over vegetables. It would even be less calories!