Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Finally! Delicious Grapes... and Apples!

Most of the grapes we have growing aren't tasty, even in the best of years. This year I was pleasantly surprised to discover these dark grapes. OK, some are infested or bird-eaten, but the rest are the grapes of my dreams, especially since they're totally organic. I'm allergic to sulphur and sulphur is on the list of "permitted" chemicals for grapes, according to Israeli organic certification. I get terrible itches from lots of fruit, especially dried.

That leaves me restricted to my unadulterated, untreated garden.
The apples aren't the tastiest in the world, but they're totally free of pesticides. This tree has been here for years, but it's not very impressive. I don't think the soil is deep enough, and it doesn't get enough water. There was a time when the tree seemed to be dead, but I gave it CPR, and it looks better than ever. A couple of buckets of water never does any harm.

As a farmer, I have nothing to brag about, but at least I have some fruit to eat.


Baleboosteh said...

They look great Batya, nothing like eating fruit straight from the tree (or vine!), at least you know it has no pesticides.

muse said...

they're really sweet, since the grapes just got water, but the apples, dry, because they just got water

YMedad said...

Glad you like them. You should mention too that our neighbor, Yonah, has created a new type of grape named after you.

tnspr569 said...

Fruits of the land!!

muse said...

w, Actually, Yona took a cutting from our grapes for his organic vinyard a few years ago. It grew well but he didn't know the actual botanical name, so he named it after me.

t' yes, another reason for you to return!