Thursday, August 16, 2007

"She's the lady in red, when everybody else is wearing tan"

Yes, that's from the theme song of The Nanny.

That's how I felt last night.

porat, kr, weddings 052

We were at this exquisite wedding on the coast, and I had never seen the invitation. Everyone, OK, just about everyone was in white, and I wore red, bright red.

Not only was the view out of this world, but even the OO's, WC's, ok, the public toilets were fancier than anything I had ever seen before.

Nothing discreet about it.

porat, kr, weddings 064
That sign up there says:


Because the family wanted the wedding on Rosh Chodesh, the beginning of the Jewish Month, the ceremony had to start before the sun went down, which meant that I was sure glad to have my camera with me!

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~ Sarah ~ said...

mazal tov.

muse said...

yes, thanks

Happy Mom of 6 said...

The invitation said you should wear white?

muse said...

Yes, it sure did, but we never saw it. A couple of years ago, we were also invited to an all white wedding.

MizEllie said...

What a gorgeous setting for a wedding!!

And for the record I loved The Nanny. Nothing wrong with emulating the gorgeous Fran Drescher!

muse said...

I didn't plan on being different, but...

frumhouse said...


muse said...

Yes it was!