Thursday, July 17, 2008

Exercising In A Straight-Jacket

Baile Rochel is Flying

Maybe I'm just too fat, or maybe all those "fanny-packs" add too many inches, or all of the above.

Nowadays the doctors are prescribing exercising when flying in an airplane. Now, that may be fine in theory, but how many of us can even get out of our seats without seriously disturbing everyone seated nearby, same row and row ahead? And there are those little instructions movies they show us on the mini-movie screens. The exercises always include stretching out our legs. Nu, I don't think that anyone larger than an under-sized five year old can do it without kicking the person sitting in front.

Well, if you know me you know that I can't resist a challenge, and I can't sit still, unless I'm playing freecell.

When I was packing for my recent flight to New York, I had a brainstorm! It probably helped that my friends and I have been
sweatin' to the oldies a couple of times a week. My blue rubber exercise thingee was cluttering the living room.

Yes, you guessed it! I took it on the plane and...

fitness, flying

...made up lots of exercises which not only didn't disturb anyone, but when a woman sitting next to me borrowed it, she said that she found it very relaxing.

And you should know that you don't have to be in a crowded airplane to use one. You can exercise with them any time and any place. They're light-weight and easy to schlepp.



YMedad said...

Photo credit: Y. Medad (aka the husband)

tnspr569 said...

Good idea!

I always try to get the aisle seat, so I can easily get up without disturbing others. I don't sleep much on planes, so I don't mind being disturbed by others when they need to get up.

Leora said...

Did you watch an of the Israeli cooking shows while on the plane? They were very funny!

Stretching on a plane is important. Our rabbi got very sick after one of his long transatlantic flights. He's in Israel now; I told him to stretch on the plane as part of my bon voyage greeting.

YM, good shot.

muse said...

Sorry, Wink.

t' on the way to NY, the guy sitting behind my aisle seat kept grabbing my head for leverage when he'd stand up. After I screamed a few times and threatened to scream the whole trip he tried to be more careful. I climb over the arm of the seat, not pleasant nor easy.

leora, missed those
I hate the tiny screen too far away for reading glasses. On the way over I watched a movie and listened to music, but on the way back I couldn't. I think it was nerve damage from Noise, <b>Too Much NOISE!.

frumhouse said...

I was once pregnant and travelling to Israel. My doc told me to take an aspirin before the flight to prevent blood clots and also stand up and walk/stretch frequently. On the trip there I did what she recommended and was fine.

On the way back, there was a dude sitting in the aisle seat of our row completely covered under a blanket (including his face) who didn't move the entire flight. I couldn't get past him, and so, sat almost the whole way home. I had taken off my shoes at the beginning of the flight, and when it was time to get off the plane - I couldn't put them on again. My feet and legs had swollen to twice their normal size with fluid!! It was incredibly painful.

I had to spend the rest of the day in bed with my feet elevated.

~ Sarah ~ said...

that's very clever!

muse said...

frumhouse, wow, that's scary. Travelers should know that there's a button to call the steward. I'd consider it an emergency.

sarah, thanks

Leora said...

Batya, please find out how to put a comments feed on your blog. You've been getting some great comments lately!


muse said...

It is nice to be greeted by so many great comments after my short "sabbatical." But what's a "comments feed?"

tnspr569 said...

oy. sounds unpleasant, to say the least. I've had to deal with passengers in front of me reclining as far as possible, leaving me with absolutely no room for anything! I haven't always been able to rectify those situations; sometimes I've had so little room that i had to put my laptop on my lap (literally, with the screen part, instead of the keyboard section, on my lap) to watch a movie.

The truth is, I was told by a customer service agent that they're called notebooks because they're not meant to be placed on laps- the computers get too hot!!

muse said...

I just wish we could lift the arms of the seats, the ones on the aisles. Then I would have an easier time.