Monday, July 28, 2008

Tempting, but...

Last week a friend and I decided to have lunch out together. It's one of my major social venues, "doing lunch" in various Jerusalem restaurants.

We were in a dilemma. Afterwards I had to meet other friends in in the Great Synagogue, and I had to check out why my watch seemed to be losing its waterproofing. It was a very hot day, so downtown Jerusalem wasn't a choice, especially since she needed convenient parking. During most of the year, that would make Malcha Mall perfect, and she promised to drop me off near the watch place, but during summer vacation, the mall is full of noisy kids. We wanted to talk and needed quiet, sans distractions.

So, she recommended a restaurant I had never heard of, Pitu'im. It's a small place on Rachel Imenu Street. We had the "lunch special," which gave us a bonus first course with the main course at no added cost. For first course there was a choice between salad, grilled vegetables, interesting vegetable patties and a couple of things I don't remember. We ordered the vegetables and patties and shared. They were both very tasty.

For the main course, we both ordered the mushroom pie. it came with salad and brown bread.

Actually, the bread was the only disappointment. It was too light and airy, not real wholewheat. None of the rich texture I had been looking forward to. It was served with some strange flavored "butter." I would have preferred an old-fashioned heavy whole wheat with plain sweet, unsalted butter. But at least I didn't pig-out on the bread, a calorie savings.

Otherwise the food was very good. And the company was even better!


frumhouse said...

Looks good! I'm jealous of all the restaurant options you have!

Sarah Likes Green said...

ooh yum.

i went there for dinner with friends. had ravioli, i think mushroom or spinach with some amazing sauce... soooooo so good. YUM.

there's an excellent ice cream shop down the road from there... i recommend it for dessert ;)

Batya said...

frumhouse, I sure missed the great kosher restaurants even in NY. NY has a variety, but it's not close to Jerusalem.

sarah, it's definitely on my list now.