Saturday, July 26, 2008

Finally, The Blog Challenge

I'm embarrassed to say that I don't visit other bogs often enough, even those bloggers who seems to read everything I post. So, somehow I didn't see this when it was first posted:

The Blog Challenge
by Leora
Ilana-Davita got picked as one of Swedish Chekchouka’s seven blogs, so Ilana-Davita picked me as one of her favorite blogs.
As Ilana-Davita pointed out, by picking out seven, you are eliminating others. I decided the first person on my list would be the first person disappointed by her list, and here she is (drum roll, please):

It took a letter requesting that I take a look. That's when I discovered that Leora had "tagged" me among a very interesting list of blogs.

Now, in return, I, too, must post a list of seven (or more) favorite blogs.

Please don't be offended if I left you out. Just tell me in the comment that I should have made a longer list. I must finish soon to give my husband a chance on the computer. Yes, count him as the first on the list. We began blogging around the same time and have over six active blogs between us.

The next two are bloggers who helped make my blogs, Shiloh Musings and this one, so attractive. ~Sara's View~ created the banners from some pictures I sent her, and Akiva Mystical Paths worked on the templates and colors.

Soccer Dad established Havel Havelim (this month at Esser Agaroth,) the Jewish blogging carnival. It's now coordinated by Jack.

How to Measure the Years commented on a post I had written wondering how we'd finish all the chametz (forbidden on Passover) food before the deadline offering his services. So, he and a friend came for Shabbat and ate.

Irina-aka-Live dangerously and SerandEz met me in New York a year ago. He was also the first to encourage me to start the Kosher Cooking Carnival.

NYC Educator always offers something interesting.

Refuah shleimah, a full and speedy recovery to Coffee and Chemo, who makes a difficult life... a life, as full as full can be.

I think I passed seven. According to Jewish tradition, we're not supposed to count people. So, I didn't count blogs. And now it's up to those I wrote aobut to list at least seven blogs that mean something special to them.

When you visit, please don't forget to say that "Batya sent me."

Thank you Leora!!


YMedad said...

Yay! #1 of Batya. May 16 (or 17), 2004 was the start. I am still trying to catch up to my wife's better technical ability and 'friendliness' with her readers. And I am still trying to conceptualize how to improve communicational networking since besides allowing my thoughts to get out, I still wish to be able to mobilize better. And good luck to us all.

NYC Educator said...

Thanks very much for the kind words!

It's really hard to pick seven, or more than seven, and I know I will miss at least seven others that I really should have mentioned. I'm pretty sure I've already made enough people mad at me this year, and I hate adding to that list.

RivkA with a capital A said...

OK, I am lost....

First off, thanks for "tagging" me!

Second, to whom am I supposed to say "Batya sent me?"

And what do I do now?

Do I just post on my blog about seven blogs that I read/enjoy? Or do I need to do something more than that?

Sarah Likes Green said...

thanks :)

(not really quite sure how this challenge works though...)

Leora said...

Batya, I am thrilled with your interpretation of this!

Ilana-Davita told me no rules, make them up as you go along as you see fit.

I loved you comment on how we don't count people in Jewish tradition. That fits nicely with this blog challenge.

Shavua tov.

Batya said...

I have no idea where it started, but I understood that it's a way of promoting other blogs on your blog. So just blog about a handful-plus of the blogs you like for various reasons and of course mention the one who blogged about you. And, yes, visit the blogs I and others mention. Of course, you won't be jailed if you don't, but you'll be in a higher level of "bloggers' good guy club" if you do.

Esser Agaroth said...


Ah, shucks!

Only Seven?

Rafi G. said...

I never make these lists....

Batya said...

Sorry rafi, but I just linked you in another post.

Rafi G. said...

thanks... I surprisingly made ben-yehuda's post. a rare exception for me....

Batya said...

Yaaqov's great, and now you have to choose your 7.