Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Real Treat Was Not Breaking a Tooth

A friend and I had lunch in a branch of a chain of dairy restaurants, to remain nameless.  She believes in free parking, so we didn't go to The Lion's Den, HaGov, because she avoids town.  Ever since HaGov opened for the late lunch, early dinner crowd I've gotten all of my "food dates" to go there.  And all have been very happy with the food and service.

I ordered a large salad, as usual, and since we were busy catching up (talking) I was eating slowly.  Good thing, because suddenly I realized I was biting on something very hard.  There was an olive pit mixed in the salad.  There hadn't been any olives at all, only a large portion of pickles which I don't eat.  (If I ever eat there again, I must remember to tell the waitress to "hold the pickles.") 

I took the olive pit out of my mouth and put it on the napkin and reported to her when she next came over.  She asked me if I wished to speak to the manager, which I did.  He apologized and said that he'd complain to the kitchen staff.  I told him that I was grateful that I hadn't done any dental damage.  He offered to treat us to a free dessert.  Even though both of us are trying to keep weight off, I couldn't say "no."

My friend ate the cake; I ate the ice cream and we both took some swipes at the whipped cream.

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