Thursday, June 09, 2011

Those Delicious and Easy-to-Make 1, 2, 3 Cookies

Due to popular demand I made two types of 1, 2, 3 Cookies for my kids' visit on Shavuot.  No, not the grandkids, they've never even eaten them.  I'm referring to some of my other kids, the Jerusalem ones, the oldest and two youngest.  The boys made the menu requests of chicken and cookies.  Yes, one is permitted to eat chicken on Shavuot instead of cheesecake.  It's not like chametz on Passover.

I dug up the kitchen scale.  Luckily, I remembered in which closet I had hidden it away.

Batch #1 was cinnamon, very simple.

And the second batch (from the same dough) had vanilla and chocolate chips added.)

Once the cookies had cooled and hardened, I packed them off in their cookie tins, wrapped them with protective (so nobody--especially me--could take a nibble) plastic and stored them away on the top shelf.

Having gotten my fill, sampling them straight from the oven, I had no trouble resisting them when the kids ate them and praised the taste.  Before the kids left, my son packed the remaining cookies in a plastic container so he could take them to Jerusalem.  Temptation is now gone far away, thank G-d.  I sampled enough, too much!!!


sara g said...

do you have the recipe by volume (cups etc.)?
and i try not to use marg. have you ever made these with oil?
they look so good!

Batya said...

I remember measuring it out for someone once. Margarine is easy, since it comes in 200 gram packs. I make a triple batch for two standard Israeli baking pans for a small Israeli oven. That's 900 grams of flour, almost a full kilo. Only the sugar is a problem, almost a third of a kilo bag.
Ask via comments and facebook for someone who makes it, if she/he would measure cups.

sara g said...

thanks. i'll figure it out.
shabat shalom!

Leah, Maaleh Adumim said...

Sara, I agree - it is much easier to measure by volume. try this website:

and I also prefer to use oil instead of margarine.

Batya said...

sara g, Leah, if you figure it out by cups, I'd gladly post it. Also, I have no idea how it would come out with oil. Probably each type of oil would be different. I'm waiting for your reports. thanks

Lady-Light said...

I'm hoping that when I get there, my daughter-in-law will,uh,teach me how to make cookies...I mean, to cook...Oy, my secret is out: I have depended on my DH for delicious Shabbat and Yom Tov meals for years, that I've forgotten how to cook!
(He would say, however, that I never really knew how...)

Batya said...

Read my recipes, or print them out. They are all very easy.