Monday, June 27, 2011

Spinning Out of Control

Last night I couldn't fall asleep.  I felt my mind spinning out of control.  It's not all that easy to relax when there are too many "loose ends" concerning our trip to the states.  We're not being picked up at the airport, and we don't have a "schedule" for the first few days.  Basically, we have a place to stay, but it's not all that convenient.  As much as I complained about my parents' Great Neck, NY house, at least we could walk the mile to and from the station and find lots of kosher restaurants on Middleneck Road.  Well, that part of my life is over.  The house was sold soon after my mother left it for Arizona.  I honestly don't know if I'll ever be in Great Neck again.

Before traveling, I still have to go to work in Yafiz, Sha'ar Binyamin.  Actually, my boss wouldn't have blamed me if I had said that I couldn't make it, but I don't want the week to be a waste.  If I see a ride home early, I'll take it.

The "upside" of my not sleeping well/enough the past couple of nights is that I shouldn't have trouble falling asleep on the plane.


rickismom said...

Been there, done that,..... BUT what is there to really worry about if you have places to stay and food is available. I am planning a trip to the US, and had to call the nearest kosher store for an estimate of delivery by parcel service.

Anonymous said...

come home safe and soon.
value your opportunity to fulfill kibud av ve-eim, something not many your age can still do.

Batya said...

rm, have you begun to recover from your ordeal? I think and start fresh deliver. I am in areas where I can get kosher food.

a, thanks, yes, I know it's rare.