Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Nice To Be Helped, A Pleasant pre-Shavuot Post

Whether I look my age or younger, I never mind being offered a seat in the bus.  B"H, there are still some very thoughtful and polite passengers on Israeli buses.  And there are bus routes that fill up with many older than I am, so I can't always expect help.  On the whole, my experiences are good here, except on buses with a lot of chareidi men and young boys.  I've had more Arabs get up for me than chareidi males of all ages.

One of the perks of working for Yafiz-Rami Levi is that personnel (employees) can check out on the express line, even if he/she has two full wagons of food etc.  I don't think I've ever bought more than ten items, because we use very few processed foods, do most of our shopping in the local store and my husband loves Machane Yehuda market.  Yesterday Rami Levi was selling vegetables for much less than even in the shuk (market) so I asked my boss for a couple of minutes' break, since express was empty and quickly grabbed a few kilo of salad.  But when I got to the line I saw that another employee was just about to start a double-wagon load.  But thank G-d he noticed me and signaled that I should get ahead of him, which I did.   People are nice.

That small purchase was the second I had done that day. The first was before I had signed in and started working.  After we closed the store for the night, I grabbed my shopping bag and discovered that I couldn't lift the combined weight of the two purchases.  Everyone waited for me as I quickly removed the light stuff and put some heavy things in my backpack.  As I hoisted the backpack onto my shoulders, one of the younger (ok, everyone's younger) workers grabbed my bag and wouldn't let me hold it.  She handed it to the guy who gives me rides to the Shiloh junction.  Then when we were on our way home, another young employee in the car reminded the driver that I had very heavy bags and he should take me all the way home and not leave me to wait for rides and walk to my door.  I never would have asked.  I'm grateful enough for any ride.  Yes, of course, he took me home.

People really are nice.

Chag Shavuot Sameach
Have a wonderful holiday, and look for the good.


Anonymous said...

As they say, 'what goes around, comes around' - you deserve all good that comes to you.
Chag sameach

Batya said...

Thanks, but it seems like I have a lot to be grateful for,