Friday, June 17, 2011

The "Mad Dogs Club"

I really do my best to stay out of the sun. Yesterday when I prepared myself to go to work, considering that I was pretty sure that I had missed the bus (which would have gotten me to work almost an hour early) I dressed in a long skirt and long sleeves, slathered sun screen all over, wore a scarf around my neck, a large hat and sunglasses.

I walked to the Shiloh bus (tremp) stop and immediately caught a ride to the junction of Shvut Rachel and Shiloh where there's a better chance of getting rides. I didn't take any of the offered rides to the main road junction, because there isn't any shade or place to sit. After futilely waiting a half hour, I called the guy who (works with me and) lives in Eli to ask if he had left yet. He said he'd be leaving soon, so I told him that I'd get to the main road junction. And so I began walking. It's about a kilometer, over half a mile. I walked and walked; yes, it was almost 2:30pm and the sun was powerfully strong.

When I made it to the main road I called him again, to make sure that he hadn't already passed. He arrived about six minutes or so later.

By the time I got to work I was a mess. I realized that my small bottle of water wouldn't be enough to properly rehydrate myself, so I got permission to go into Rami Levi Supermarket and buy a larger bottle, 2 liters. After I got about 3/4 of it into me, I began to feel more normal. Night shift is hard enough, but last night was even worse. I spent more time in the air-conditioned part of the store than usual and took a real break to eat the dinner I had packed. B"H, I got through it.

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