Sunday, June 26, 2011

"That" Time of The Year

Actually, I thought I'd do it more frequently this past year, but I didn't get back to the states at all.  My sister handled all of my parents' (actually my mother's) medical emergencies etc as they enjoy being in Arizona.  My father praises the weather, since he's never cold, and my mother likes having my sister nearby. 

I've "reinvented" my life after almost a year of having my father living here in Shiloh with us.  Wednesdays became my special beloved day of Tanach, Bible study in Matan.  I began giving occasional classes to my Shabbat Shiur Nashim Women's Study Group.  I've even registered for two days of the summer Herzog College Bible Classes.  I truly hope that I can handle/absorb two days of five classes each.  At least there is transportation from Shiloh.  Maybe one day would have been enough, and they aren't cheap.  I've wanted to other years, but I'm usually away then.

Besides my studying, I've taught as a tutor and returned to an earlier profession, sales.  I work in Yafiz.  It's not the best job I've ever had, but it's good for now and doesn't demand any preparation.  The added bonus is getting to see so many friends when they shop there and in Rami Levi.

I've requested that a few friends try to blog here when I'm away.  I may not get too much computer time.  I'm not leaving today, but I figured it was time to update you.

Stay safe and healthy and comment...


Leora said...

Have a safe trip. It's nice that you had that time with your father, even if it proved difficult after a while.

Your current schedule is enviable - so varied!

Mrs. S. said...

!נסיעה טובה

Sarah A. said...

have a safe trip, enjoy arizona.

Batya said...

Thanks to all of you!!
At least I'm able to travel, B"H.