Monday, June 06, 2011

As The Shavuot Holiday Approaches

This post is included in a Shavuot round-up on the Real Food Digest.

  • The good news is that our kids want to visit and probably bring some friends. 
  • The bad news is that our neighborhood keeps having water problems; that means that water isn't flowing in the pipes to our homes.
The kids have requested that I cook chicken for the evening holiday meal.  They love my simple chicken.  To cook the chicken I need lots of flowing/running water.  My cooking time is limited because of work.  I called Mekorot, the Israeli Water Company.  News is not very encouraging. I could hear the guy's tv as he manned the emergency line at 5am.  He certainly has an easier job than I have.

My older son also requested demanded 1, 2, 3 Cookies one of my legendary recipes.  I haven't made it for years, not because it's hard to make.  It's really very easy. The reason is that they are absolutely irresistibly delicious!  He even wants a few varieties.  Yes, that simple basic cookie recipe can be anything from cinnamon to chocolate chips to granola and more.  There are just three basic ingredients, flour, margarine and sugar.  Yes, no eggs.  He promised to take all the left-over temptation away from the house.  But when my daughter heard that I'd be making the beloved cookies, she requested that I keep some for the grandchildren who will be coming for Shabbat after Shavuot.

We may eat fish Shavuot lunch.  And in the afternoon we'll be hosting, as we do every year, a Torah shiur class in English.  I plan on serving fruit.  I'll slice some up, arrange on platters and stick in toothpicks.  I only serve water to drink.  Juice isn't on our menu.

G-d willing the water maivens will fix the problem very quickly.  B"H, we have an emergency tank so I can still flush the toilet and wash my hands.  Years ago water problems were much more frequent, and emergency tanks were the norm.  Newer homes don't have them.

I may as well end the post here, or I'll just start complaining more and more.  No time for that!

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