Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"Typical of What?" I Asked, But No Reply

I was dressed in my usual, scarf/turban (sounds more fashionable/exotic,) winter coat, over-sized "fanny pack," sunglasses, large earphones for listening to some Bible classes and my backpack falling off my shoulders.  It's such a pain to keep adjusting them for each jacket. And I was walking on Jerusalem's Ben Yehuda Street when some kids stopped me.
"We're doing a project.  Would you mind posing for a picture.  We need to photograph typical Israelis."
So, I replied in the affirmative and then added:
"Typical of what?" 
They didn't answer, just shot the picture, and that was that.  But it got me thinking.  Is my picture going to appear in some Purim joke?  Maybe I won't be recognizable?


Leora said...

So now you are a typical Israeli! Congratulations?

Batya said...

Leora, thanks, good point. Has it really taken me over 40 to achieve it? Or am I just a typical religious grandmother, probably from a yishuv?

Hadassa said...

Note that they said typical IsraeliS, plural. You fit the veteran olah living on a yishuv slot. They probably went off in search of a typical hareidi, a typical yuppie type from (insert city, I don't want to offend anyone by sterotyping), a typical Tel Avivian (whatever that is), etc.

Batya said...

Hadassa, you're right, as usual. I do represent a certain "type," the one who finds a look that embarrasses her kids... Actually, my youngest saw me soon after, but I didn't have the earphones on. Actually, he wouldn't have minded; he bought them for me.