Monday, February 13, 2012

Strange Lingo

As you most of you know I work in Yafiz-Clothing for The Entire Family, in Sha'ar Binyamin, a shopping center north of Jerusalem.  I almost called it a "suburban" shopping center, but considering that nobody lives very close to it, at least by Israeli standards, it's more rural.  Shaar Binyamin is rather small by American standards and doesn't have a single department store.  But it does have a Rami Levi discount supermarket.  Yafiz is part of that mega-business.

We have customers of all ages, nationalities/ethnic groups and religions. And the same goes for employees.  As I've written before, it's a very strange, unexpected and possibly unusual Israeli phenomena.

Now why did I start in that mood?

I'm almost ready to start again...

Now from a slightly different angle...

Although my work-life connects me to very atypical variety of people, Jews, Arabs, Christian volunteers from Israel and all over the world, I guess that my blogging is pretty "sectarian."  My family and community life is very Torah Jewish Zionist.  I like to pride myself for writing simple articles, but a friend from work, told me that she had an awful time trying to figure out what I had written about.  She even tried some translation help and got no where.  Suddenly I knew what article she had been trying to understand.

"It was about jblogs and jbloggers, right.  Those words aren't in any dictionary.  I doubt if blog carnival or Havel Havelim are either.  That was in my previous blog post.  No wonder my blog isn't all that popular.  I write posts that few people can understand and relate to. 

So I explained that jblogs are blogs by jbloggers, Jews who blog, about Jewish or Israeli topics.  I'll try to explain what a blog carnival is.  Giving these explanations isn't easy.  I tried to explain KCC and JPIX, too.  I guess I speak/write in strange codes, strange lingo to those who aren't involved.

I also write about Jewish issues, holiday,  etc.  That's who and what I am.

Sorry if I bore you.  But then again, if you find this boring, you wouldn't be here.

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