Sunday, February 12, 2012

Yummy, Filling Tuna Salad

A few weeks ago, when I needed to find a nice place for an early dinner with my niece and nephew in Jerusalem, I noticed something called "Bleaker Street" near Zion Square.  It had a nice selection of "business lunches" served until 5pm and we were going to meet just before five.  It does pay to have an early dinner.  At least I was hungry for dinner.  They just wanted a snack.

The "business meal" included a free soup, perfect for the chilly winter day.  If I remember correctly, they had onion soup and I had the mushroom.  Both soups were excellent, not filled with fattening fillers of oil (fake cream) or starches.

My main course was the tuna salad.  Rare for me, I couldn't finish it.  I asked for the left-overs to be packed along with the rolls that nobody ate.  My husband got the remaining food as his lunch the next day.  The three of us couldn't finish it all and only the salad, two soups and four large rolls (no extra charge) had been served.

I hope to return to eat there, since it was a good deal and very tasty.

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