Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lunch to Go! Dinner, Too, And Good for Dieters!

A few weeks ago, I realized that we had an enormous amount of matzah left over from last Passover.  The minor comfort is that it's not the much more expensive shmura matzah, just the regular one.   It comes in a box with so many inner packages, that an "empty nest" couple, like me and my husband, have no chance of finishing it all over the holiday.  It's not the price of shmura but it is money spent and if it's not eaten, it's money thrown out when we really don't have a grush/cent to spare.

I started making my husband matza brei, yes, just like during Passover.  It's very easy and filling and conforms to his diet restrictions, since he's allowed bread.

And since this week he has some evening events and no time (and money) to buy dinner, I took some chicken, sliced it and made him chicken sandwiches with sliced tomatoes. 

My weight losing menu is very different.  I take sautéed vegetables to work.  For protein I usually add a spoon of sesame paste.  It's delicious and filling.  It keeps me going for hours.

The key to keeping the weight off is to be prepared with the right foods.  It's not that I'm an "organized person."  I just adopted a routine that works.  When you're feeling satisfied, after eating a good meal, you're less tempted by things you shouldn't be eating or buying.  Believe me, I am not one of those people with strong will-power, but I found ways of conquering temptation.

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