Sunday, February 19, 2012

We Can't Complain. We Can't Complain! We Can't Complain!!

Yes, I'm talking about the weather, the rain.  As much as we may hate those rainy days, we won't survive without them. 

Day after day without seeing the sun does get depressing.  And it also means that I must use up more electricity (money) for heating water and the house.  I also don't get to take walks and exercise.

At work, we've sold a lot of umbrellas and boots.  People keep coming in for winter clothes, which is on sale.  There's hardly anything left compared to last year.

God has given us a full winter this year so far.  It started on time, for the first time in a long time. Of course people are complaining and surprised.  I remember when winter would start during Succot, and we'd have to eat indoors, since the s'chach (succah roof) isn't made to provide much protection, except from the sun.

The rain is good for us, though periodically, we must have a break, even if we don't see the sunshine.  Now, if I can just ask G-d  to make that break when I'm walking down to the bus stop...

I'm going to end this with a request.  In the comments, please write some really great thing about the rain.  I'm going to start with:

#1- Oranges and other citrus fruit are sweetest after strong, especially early, rains.  This year, the oranges have been sweeter than they had been for many years.


Yocheved Golani said...

Hurray for cleaner air, a MUCH fuller Kineret and windy weather blowing seeds into soil ready to support their growth. I feel as if H' is washing the country shiny & clean for new olim, may they arrive by plane and boatload every hour.

Yocheved Golani

rutimizrachi said...

The Kinneret, to me, is the heart of Israel's physical body. As the Kinneret gets closer to the normal line, it seems a tangible sign to me of the approaching Geula. If the heart is healthy, the body is healthy. If the Land is thriving, it's one more sign of Better Days. Bring on the rain, Hashem!

Batya said...

Yocheved, Ruti, amen times many

Anonymous said...

the smell! nothing like walking the streets of jlem with the smell of impending rain.
and then when the rain comes down, how it runs down the streets and steps, creating waterfalls.
and often in rainy jlem one can see in the distance sunny mountains.
and after the rain, all feels clean and fresh.
ah, jlem is always beautiful! been here for decades, and can never get enough, no matter what the season. every time i return after a business trip i just melt with love!
and thats about all for now...

Batya said...

a, like a poem, thanks

Anonymous said...

you know batya, we disagree about a great many things regarding israel, but i think when it comes to the basic, core issue we are 2 peas in a pod!

Batya said...

good to hear, a, thanks