Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Workers Rights, Pregnant Women Israel vs USA

Some things are better in Israel!

Not only doesn't the United States require healthcare programs for all workers, but pregnant women can be fired.

All Israelis, whether full-time workers, part-time, unemployed or retired can choose a comprehensive healthcare program which offers reasonable prices and subsidized basic medications.  There are laws protecting pregnant and post-partum women. 

Of course nothing is perfect, and some people will look for problems, but it's one of the reasons daily life here in Israel is easier.

The clinics in small communities are even better than the city ones for certain things.


Hadassa said...

Don't think that it never happens in Israel. The laws in Israel are very different, especially for maternity leave, but employers have been known to fire women for "other reasons" when pregnancy was the real reason. (I'm leaving my personal views about putting babies in daycare out of this discussion. Discriminating against pregnant women is simply wrong.)

Batya said...

True, but it's harder to do and there is legal recourse. There's also maternity leave and the job or equivalent must be held.