Wednesday, February 08, 2012

A TU B'Shvat "Caption This!" Plus

I actually took the photo a few weeks ago.  Yes, another example of why it's so important to always be "armed" with my camera.

I'm blogging TU B'Shvat more than actually celebrating it in the more conventional or modern sense.  I blogged it yesterday, too. Last night I was working and couldn't attend the neighborhood TU B'Shvat Seder. 

I had totally forgotten about it when I submitted my "work possibilities" to my boss.  We were so busy the entire shift, I barely had time to eat the minimum I need to function.  The others in the shift let me leave before all the straightening up was done, because a neighbor offered to take me home, and it was already the time we usually finish.  People are still coming in to buy at the great prices of the end of winter sale, although we still have winter weather.

One of the big changes in Israel is that today the stores, especially the chains, run real sales.  Our top "name brands,"  aka המותגים hamutaggim are three for the price of one, and the other winter clothes are NS5 for the second item.  That's Yafiz, Sha'ar Binyamin, in case you're interested.

My TU B'Shvat celebration plans were to "gorge" on dried fruit with my friend as she drove me to Ofra on the way home.  We picked up a small package for NS9.90 at Rami Levi, just enough for two fruit-lovers.  I wanted to treat her, since she gives me rides whenever we work together, but since I went with a neighbor she told me to take it.  I ate some when I got home and will bring the rest to Matan to share with my study partner.

And what have you been doing to celebrate TU B'Shvat?


Hadassa said...

We had a fruit fest for dinner last night and today I plan to make "Seven Species" cookies with the kids. I use my favorite granola cookie recipe and include all of the "seven species": wheat and barley flour, raisins, olive oil (and canola), dates, figs, and a bit of pomegranate. The kids are walking out to our newest neighborhood and planting trees with the local school.

jewaicious said...

I love this photo. There are so many variables within the

I love how the apples pop out.

Batya said...

Hadassa, it sounds yummy. I pigged out on some dried fruit. I got a small mixed box and couldn't find anyone to share with.

jewaicious, thanks, though actually they aren't apples. They're pomegranates.

YMedad said...

I participated at our synagogue's party, having to tell a tale about a tree and used my son's army experience of spending the Seder night in one, lying in ambush. Then at work, we had a Tu B'shvat seder that took almost an hour.

Batya said...

Your two were to make up for my none