Saturday, February 04, 2012

Don't Steal This Idea!

For years I've been saying that I must produce "The Pishers' Guide to Jerusalem."  I think it would be pretty easy to get advertisers on a listing of public toilets.  Does anyone want to work with me on the project?

Let's start with one of the best 00's W.C.'s or whatever euphemism you prefer for those necessary facilities.  The Hebrew is שירותים sherutim,  "services" or "conveniences."

To be a convenient service, one needs long opening hours and lots of ... facilities.  The best is at the Jerusalem Municipality.  With a guard like this lion, you should feel safe.  They aren't near this lion, but if you're walking in from that corner, just keep walking.

You take the elevator down to floor 0.  There are many stalls, and it's pretty clean and stocked with toilet paper, at least when I show up around 7:30am and at other times, too.  I have a feeling the the Public Relations Department won't get too enthusiastic about this post...

So enjoy the other pictures of "Safra Square" as it's called by the mechanical voice coming out the the lightrail audio system.


Hadassa said...

You could add your info to this:
or this:

Ways of Zion said...

I joked when the last time we went with a just toilet trained toddler that we should make one as I do believe we discoverfed each one! In fact just today we chatted to my in-laws and they are staying on ben Yehudah street and were in the old city and couldn't remember the public one was and so had to stop for a coffee in the Hurva Court cafe for use of the facilities. So in our phone call I discribed to them the ones I could remmeber. What funny timing this post was!

Batya said...

Hadassa, I'll have to check out those links, thanks.
WoZ, I may do a series about wc's. thanks

YMedad said...

here's my pic of the public toilet on Hillel Street at the Italian Synagogue square.

Batya said...

I once wrote about that one, too. My "pisher's guide" will have instructions on how to use it.