Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Meal in a Pot, Baked

I don't usually cook up the vegetables with the chicken, because I really don't like them over-cooked and greasy from the meat fats.  That's why I didn't cut the squash and carrots.  The larger they are the longer they take to cook.  I also put them on top.  There's a lemon you can't see inside the chicken, and potatoes are underneath.

This was cooked last Thursday morning, since I had to go to work on Friday, to be served as a "one pot" Friday night Shabbat meal.  Then we were unexpectedly invited out for Friday night, so the chicken and veggies were eaten during this week.  We (I) had an easy Shabbat, since we had also been invited out for Shabbat lunch.

I can't tell you how long exactly I cooked the chicken-vegetable dish, since every oven is different and it depends on how large your chicken and what type of pot you're using.  You can make a similar dish with pre-cut chicken in a pan with vegetables spread out.  And yes, it's flavored with onion, paprika, black pepper and garlic.


leah said...

yum yum, it looks easy enough to try myself

Batya said...

Leah, it is easy. I only cook things that are easy. And you can cover it for some of the cooking time.

Ed Greenberg said...

I just cooked a chicken last night, then read this in the morning. Oh well, there will be another chicken along any minute now :)

Batya said...

Ed, and after you try it, I hope you'll let me know how it came out. Of course, as with all of my recipes, you can make changes, like no potatoes and cauliflower added etc.