Thursday, May 31, 2012

Avoiding Those Dangers on the Road

There are those who claim their refusal to visit my neck of the woods, Shiloh is what they claim is rational... Arab terrorists. 

But the truth is, statistics show that the biggest danger on the roads is from car accidents.  Nobody and no vehicle are immune.

Some accidents are caused by dangerous driving, car malfunction and more. 

One of the most common causes nowadays is lack of attention to the road.  We all multi-task.  There are advantages to it at times, but at other times it can be deadly.  I'm always a passenger, which is how I can take these photos from a moving car.

Recently a very good short movie was produced showing the dangers of using your cell/smart phone while driving.  How can one concentrate on the road and other vehicles when he or she is searching for a number or letter on the phone?  Mistakes, lack of concentration that lasts less than a second can be fatal or cause serious injury.

The phone call or message can wait until after driving, or it may be too late  G-d forbid.

PS One of the stars is my good friend Sharon Katz of Voices Magazine.


Sharon Katz said...

Batya, the clip has had tremendous positive feedback. A few friends whom I bumped into in the past two days have told me that they picked up their phone to write texts, and then thought for a second, and put it down.
I guess the message comes through, and that might actually help save lives.

Batya said...

Sharon, G-d willing it will continue to help people control themselves and remember that driving is a full-time occupation.