Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Rejected by Google Search

In recent weeks I've noticed my blogs' (Shiloh Musings and me-ander) statistics re: visits plummeting and couldn't understand why.  Are my blog posts so boring and badly written?

I mentioned it on facebook, in between invited fb friends to drink coffee with me and other minor news.  I discovered that I'm not the only blogger to suddenly have a fraction of the visits (on the blogs) I used to see.  Of course, an advantage is that there are fewer spam comments, but there are fewer people who are discovering my best and easiest recipes, "caption this" pictures, my opinion about peace in the middle east  or Barack Hussein Obama.

A more professional blogger than yours truly commented about pandas and "penguin penalties."  No comprendo.  I don't understand any of this. 

Then I took a better look at my statistics and saw that google was no longer my chief "referrer,"  especially on Shiloh Musings.  Actually, google took me out their "phonebook," or whatever you want to call it for both blogs.  You can't find me via google at all, and the other search engines were also unseen on the lists.  The blogging expert also said that one of the criteria to be considered kosher  by google is posts longer than 300 words.  That sure throws my "caption this" and many other posts on this blog into the garbage. 

I'm not a wordy blogger or even wordy writer.  I like to be concise and simple.  Google doesn't like that any more. 

Clever titles don't help either from what I now understand.  Actually, all I understand is that I've been doing everything wrong. 

What could be so awful about my blogs?  My articles are originals, not stolen or copied from other sources.  I write about a very broad range of topics, politics, history, health, recipes, religion and more.  They are illustrated with both my original photos and suitable pictures from the internet.

How does one get back into google's good graces aka its search list?


yg said...

You didn't do anything wrong, Batya. You are being affected by changing trends in Social Media land. One developing trend is to keep Israel and Israel-based bloggers/websites off the radar. YOU KNOW WHO is gonna deal with that expression of Jew-hatred. Watch World 2.0 crash within the year. I'd put money on it.

Batya said...

yg, thanks, I didn't look at it from that perspective.
ps What's World 2.0?

Sandra said...

I read your blog every day and enjoy having an insight into your life! Can I suggest that you have a "share"button so I can link to friends on Facebook. Lots of my friends follow blogs I have linked to on there. In the meantime, keep up the good work!

Batya said...

Sandra, I do have the share buttons on the bottom of each post. And I share my own posts to facebook.

Hadassa said...

I see the share buttons at the top of the page.

Batya said...

Hadassa, there are two sets of share buttons, one for the blog and one for the post.

Quilting Corner said...

I follow you everyday. Keep up the good work. I put your blog me-ander name into Google and it came up.