Monday, May 07, 2012

Great HH From Beneath the Wings and Part 2 of Aish's "Listen to Grandpa"

Please start with a refuah shleimah (complete healing/recovery) prayer for Rivka bas Rus, daughter of this week's Havel Havelim host and star of the blog Beneath the Wings.

Rickismom has found time in her busy life to host another edition of Havel Havelim, and it's better than ever.  Please check it out and share, thanks.  Next week it will be hosted by Susan, To Kiss a Mezuzah.  You can send her your links by clicking her name on our facebook page and sending her a message.  Our facebook page is also the address for getting more involved in HH and scheduling to host an edition of Havel Havelim.

A few days ago I recommended watching part 1 of a video on by Jewlarious starring Eliot Gould, Listen to Grandpa.  They have just released part 2, and here it is:

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