Monday, May 14, 2012

Not Fair, Is It, Ladies?

Statistics all over the world show that men make more money than women even when doing similar work.  And now matter how carefully a couple try to "share" chores at home, women do more.  This cartoon is spreading like wildfire on facebook with hundreds of shares.

A very long time ago when my kids were kids, I remember one of my daughters complaining that the guys in her crowd got offers for jobs around the neighborhood that paid much better than the babysitting she did.  Boys would get lots of money to clear a garden or storage room, and the girls couldn't get that type of work. 

How many male executives could manage without their female secretaries, office managers?

I've read that when meetings are run by women, they are quicker and waste less time.  There's a good reason for that.  Women don't have wives at home, so we need to get home quickly.

In our school, the first males who took jobs were always offered the opportunity to be the principal, too, just because they were men.  They failed in that capacity.  Our most successful principals have all been women, but they had to work harder to just get the opportunity to try.

Sorry for the rant, but that cartoon and the reactions of some friends on facebook really got me going.

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