Friday, November 09, 2012

Getting on With Life, Go Forward

Just don't look back.  One of the things I'll never forget and I try to implement in my life from the "life coaching" course I took a number of years ago, was to let go of the past.  Don't hold onto the past. Keep going forward.

We were taught a visualization technique to help our clients and ourselves.

There's something we didn't learn in the coaching course, but it's important, too, is to know how and when to lean on, depend on or trust others.

No doubt that someone with a successful coaching or counseling business is successful in generating that sort of relationship with clients.  The client feels the need for the help of the coach and is willing to continue paying.

In real life most of us don't have coaches.  If we're lucky we have family and friends we can trust.  That's certainly something to pray for and thank G-d for.

Decisions and implementing them are up to us, our responsibility and we must take responsibility...

Take a deep breath, let go and go forward...


goyisherebbe said...

I took one of those courses a few years ago. It was very interesting, but I don't want to say what happened to the dude who taught it.

Batya said...

The person who gave the course I took came here from chu"l (abroad.) It was that new. I wonder if anyone who was with me actually works in the field.

My course was excellent. I traveled into Raanana four or five days in a row one summer.