Thursday, November 08, 2012

Lost Potential

Take a good look:

It breaks my heart to see all that lost potential.  G-d gave us so many rich grapes and we didn't harvest them.  We didn't eat them.  We didn't make them into juice nor wine.  This year our neighbors didn't ask for them.

G-d gives us so much.

Do we use all of the gifts, talents, opportunities?

I must admit that I don't.  One of the hardest things I've had to realize after reaching half (plus now) of the "ad me'ah v'esrim" (to 120) blessing is that I've used up, frequently wasted much to much of my life.

Unlike the grapes, which grow annually, we don't start over anew bigger and better every year.  We have to take each day, minute, hour and try to milk  the best of it. 

We can't count on becoming a great new success at an elderly age like Grandma Moses.  I guess I ought to take my own instructions to heart and try to use my life better and live my dreams.

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