Monday, November 26, 2012

Returning to Work

Yesterday I jumped back in, full schedule and all after being home a week to try to recover from a pulled painful shoulder injury.  It's not that I'm 100% recovered, but if I wait for that I'll never ever work again.

Luckily they like me enough at work to make life as bearable as possible. We all have our weaknesses and try to compensate for each others'. Best of all there is a new worker who seemed fitter than all of us, B"H.  That was a nice surprise.

I'm glad that I had a good reason/excuse to get out of the house in the morning before my night shift.  I had to vote in Likud Primaries.  For my report on that "experience" you can read CLICK this post.  Politics in Israel is always entertaining, sort of theatre of the absurd, grand farce and all that.

There was a real carnival feeling as I approached the polling station.  Too bad they hadn't offered space to craftsmen selling jewelry, scarves etc.  It would have been more worthwhile than the kids trying to recite the spiels promoting various candidates they had memorized.  Considering the long wait before voting, they could have done good business selling hot dogs and cotton candy.

At Yafiz some of the customers said that they had gone to Sha'ar Binyamin to vote.  I guess I'm lucky that we had our own polling station in Shiloh.  With everything so computerized, we could choose voting stations and weren't assigned to one specific one.  I have a sneaking suspicion that Bibi and crew could also see exactly how the vote was going....

Enough politics, this is supposed to be my "fun blog."

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