Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Reiki, Acupuncture, No PT, Dawn of New World

We're only human, aren't we. And we, including me, have to remember to take care of ourselves.  I guess I wasn't careful enough last week, because I found myself in awful pain in my shoulder and upper arm.  At least G-d was good and had me with some dear friends and family when the pain became unbearable.

One of the friends is an expert in Reiki and gave me a "first aid" treatment.  No doubt that Rav Kook's presence on the wall contributed to its effectiveness and helped me relax a bit and me get home safely.

Once it became clear, the very next morning, that this wasn't going to just clear up (get all better) all by itself in a day or so that I'd have to take additional action.  I actually went to the local doctor on Sunday morning. 

We have this lovely clinic, Kupat Cholim Le'umit in Shiloh, and I'm happy to say that I'm pretty much a stranger there even though I pay all sorts of extra fees for special treatments and discounts.  But in all honesty I'd rather subsidize others than be sick or injured.  But regardless, my turn came to be an actual patient.

Everyone was rather surprised to see me, and some of the staff and I are total strangers. That is everyone besides the secretary who is a close friend and the doctor who hasn't met me enough to remember who I am.

After looking at my file and hearing my story, the doctor recommended physical therapy, which I rejected, or one of the alternative/complementary/holistic medical options.  I refused the PT, because my body (the injured soft tissue) isn't ready to be stressed and retrained.  First everything must be totally healed before enduring such a treatment, and he agreed when I explained my refusal. 

I was sent to the secretary to hear my other treatment options.  As a "gold member" I had a choice of various alternative treatments.  I decided on acupuncture.  One of the reasons is that there is a specialist on Shiloh who even has clinic hours in his home.  I have very fond memories of Shabbat meals and Torah classes in that house from when it had been owned by close friends who no longer live in Shiloh.  And I was able to make an appointment for that evening.  He uses the Japanese method of acupuncture, and since then, thank G-d, I've had felt/seen steady improvement.

It's amazing how wonderful it feels to be flossing my teeth or washing dishes or managing to get a shirt over my head after a few days when pain had made those simple mundane acts impossible.

And now my lessons are:
  • I'm not immune to injury.
  • I must get enough sleep.
  • I must pace myself better.
  • I can't work a morning shift immediately after a night one.
  • I can't count on my body healing quickly or without some sort of help.
  • I must get myself back into shape, especially in the winter when I can't go swimming.
  • I shouldn't wait until I'm in serious pain to get help.
  • I have wonderful friends and neighbors!

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