Saturday, November 10, 2012

Recycling, In Shiloh, Too

I feel like rewriting "Everything's up to date in Kansas City" as "Everything's up to date in Shiloh, Israel."

The recycling bins and cages get full more and more quickly.

I think that the company/organizations which are supposed to pick the various stuff up, paper, plastic, cardboard and metal should speed up their service.

Here we have neighborhood and street locations for garbage and recycling.  I don't know how many locations there are for the recycling in Shiloh, but we have large garbage cans on every street.  It's much easier than what my parents had to deal with on Long Island.  There, they had a variety of home garbage cans, color-coded for various types of garbage.  They had to put the correct one out by the street on certain days or they'd be stuck with the garbage for another week.

I like our system better.  There are regular pickups twice a week and more before holidays.

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