Friday, November 02, 2012

Learning a Totally Different Set of Rules, I'm Not Good With These Icons

Yes, it, my new washing machine, a Samsung digital, has arrived.  It wasn't as simple as it may seem.  The repairman delivery man had warned me that he couldn't take it up the stairs, NY style front stoop, and I should find someone to assist.  So after he called me up yesterday morning to say he was about a half hour away, I began making phone calls.  The email request for help to the local list hadn't born fruit.  It took quite a few calls.  Either nobody had fit young sons home or their doctors didn't approve either, but then I finally called the neighbor who always comes to the rescue. This time he gave me his son's cell phone number, and the young man easily delivered the machine to my front door.

The spot in the laundry room was "cleaned" and waiting.  That is if you  can distinguish between stains and dirt.  The floor looks like a used car lot.  That last machine had been leaking motor oil.

After the machine was moved into its new home, I got instructions, paid and was left alone to try my first wash.  B"H, that went well.

Today I decided on a more complicated wash, and I think I misread the icons.  Of course I can't find a good icon guide, even in the instruction book, but no big deal.  I'll figure it out.  I can reread the book with stronger glasses for a start.

This certainly isn't the first washing machine I've had to figure out.  It's just the first digital and the first Samsung.  Don't forget that I'm from the generation that still laundered diapers and there were times I had to do them by hand pouring boiling water into a large bucket.  You have no idea how many buckets cracked, but I didn't.


sara g said...

tithadshi! maybe you could find an instruction manual - or even a video - online.

Chaviva Gordon-Bennett said...

This reminds me of my first load of washing in Israel ... I accidentally chose the 2-hour wash. D'oh.

Batya said...

sara, I found one. I just have to remember the difference between the prewash and extra rinses.

Chaviva, most washes in European (Israeli) machines take at least 90 minutes. This machine has a 29 minute one, too.

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Batya said...