Saturday, November 03, 2012

Making Plans For A Trip

I really ought to visit my parents more.  Everyday is a miracle for them.  They break records every morning they get up alive.  Nobody I know of in their families has lived longer than either of them. 

A number of years ago I began making a point to visit every summer, and that has been the routine, but it doesn't seem to be enough.  Caring for them is all on my sister in Arizona, where my parents now live.  No, not in her home, but still they can no longer do much anything for themselves.

I'm planning a visit different from the previous ones.  I won't go to New York.  The idea of being in New York in the winter and having to deal with the weather there and possible delays...

A very dear friend has been asking me to visit.  She lives in a city I've never been to, a category which includes just about every place you can imagine, so I'll do that too.  Last summer I took a cousin's offer for a day in Philadelphia and it was great!  Now to just clarify dates, get approval and get the tickets.

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