Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Why Do I Eat So Much?

So far this Chanukah has been awful for my low carb "eating regime."  I don't call it a "diet."

Diets are temporary, and if I would consider my low carbohydrate eating, which I started about four years ago, "temporary," yes, a "diet," then I would have gone off it and regained all the weight I had lost "with interest" as the Israeli saying goes.

Most years I have maybe one day I eat what I shouldn't, but we're now on the third day of Chanuka, and I ate too many carbs and sugars and oils and calories on each of the first two.  This is not good.  I think this started even earlier at something last week, where the dessert was just fattening stuff and no fruit.  (Yes, now I remember; I was at a staff party after Shabbat, and only the fattening stuff was served.  I should have had brought a fruit platter along.)

Normally, if I eat enough fruit, I won't have a "sweet tooth" for the restricted stuff.  I wrote "restricted" rather than "forbidden," because sometimes it's better to have a taste or more in order not to agonize, obsess, think about the foods.  When I'm doing well, just a taste is enough.

The key to staying on track when trying to keep weight off is to have lots of healthy, low fat, low sugar alternatives.  If the choice is between being hungry (not having anything to eat) and eating the wrong foods, most of us will end up gorging on what should never be eaten.

So, I'm going to the kitchen right now to make myself food to take along with me today, food I like, which is good for me to eat!


Ruth Jaffe Lieberman said...

Around this time of year, it serves me well not to be a big sufganiya gal. But bring out those cookies with the coffee break and I'm a goner! Hanuka Sameach!

Batya said...

Ruth, oy, we all have our weaknesses, and there was so much more than just sufganiyot.

Rickismom said...

If you're catching it today, GOOD FOR YOU!

Batya said...

rm, not as well as I should have, but I did better than yesterday.
Tomorrow is a new start. Every tomorrow is a new start.