Thursday, December 20, 2012

Aging, As 64 Gets Closer

The New York Times style section has an interesting article mostly mocking and complaining about how the old (older than 64) rockers are still trying to dress like they did decades ago, even resorting to more than dying their hair, meaning multiple surgeries etc.

Roger Daltrey
Paul McCartney

Roger Daltrey
Don Emmert/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Paul McCartney
I live in a very different world.  I don't really mind being me.  I'm not competing with those young enough to be my grandchildren.  I've never dyed my hair or had surgery to "tighten" things up.  I must admit that I don't even use face cream or anything like that.  OK, I'm blessed with good genes, and as a Torah observant Jew and married woman, my hair is covered. 

I must admit that I need more sleep than I did even a few years ago, and if I'm not careful, my knees and shoulder, back, hips etc can ache.  I don't work at keeping in shape, fitness, since I find myself too busy.  I'm glad I don't have the world watching me age like those guys do.


rutimizrachi said...

Must admit, this one made me smile, just days after my Dearly Beloved's 64th birthday. And yeah, I still need him, and I still feed him. And I said the word -- and he is staying with me. :-)

Batya said...

So Coach is older than I am... Well, my husband passed that milestone and I'm still doing the same...

Lorri said...

I am older than 64, and am proud of the fact.

Some of the celebrities in their sixties make me laugh, their skin is so stretched...they have "cat eyes", and some even look younger than they did decades ago.

Batya said...

Lorri, I just have a few months to go. I think that some of the celebrities look totally ridiculous with their black hair and bloated faces.
I earned these wrinkles.