Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Walk in The Old City of Jerusalem, Within The Walls

Last week I took a walk in Jerusalem's Old City, within those imposing walls.  I used to live there, the first year we were married, having taken the boat literally two months after the wedding.  It was very different in 1970, hardly any telephones and television was barely beginning in Israel.  So when I noticed all of these satellite dishes, I just had to shoot them.


In those days we the roofs were for hanging laundry.  Things change, don't they?

This is our old home.  Then it was the Maon Betar, on Rechov HaYehudim and Rechov Plugat HaKotel.

The entrance was different then.  We tried to get in but nobody answered our ring.

In those days we could walk freely to the Kotel without security checks.  So much has changed since 1970.

It wasn't called "the Jewish Quarter" then. 


There weren't pretty squares and space to walk around.  Shopping was more complicated. 


We did our food shopping in the Super Sal on Agron Street or in a small grocery shop, Levi's, on Mamilla Street.  An Arab newspaper vendor used to deliver our daily Jerusalem Post to us, otherwise, just like today, we found nothing to buy in the Old City.


Lorri said...

I love these captures of life in The Old City.

Thanks for sharing with us.

Batya said...

Lorri, thanks, afternoon sun also helps.