Thursday, December 13, 2012

Low Carb Latkes

OK, for some people that's an oxymoron but there's no requirement to eat potatoes on Chanukah.  Actually one isn't even required to eat latkes.  It's not like matzah on Passover.  But for many of us, it isn't Chanukah sans latkes.

Since I started eating a low carbohydrate diet/way of living, our family custom has been to make a batch of low carb latkes.

In my daughter's enormous food processor I shredded all sorts of veggies and greens.

And I mixed them with eggs and some salt and a bit of matzah meal.

Then the older grandgirls made "patties" on the baking sheet to reduce the oil, and we baked them.  They were very delicious!

PS there is no such thing as exact ingredients in this sort of recipe.


Mark said...

Are those carrots? Because carrots are not low-carb in any way!

Batya said...

Mark, in my book, on my eating regime carrots are fine.