Wednesday, December 05, 2012

The Sun is Always Shining!

winter dawn in Shiloh

Even when it's cloudy and raining and storming, the sun is till there bright and shining.  We really must never forget it.  We need the rain.  Without it we would all die.

It's now winter, and Baruch Hashem, thank G-d it has been raining.  This is the season we must have rain and lots of it.  That's how G-d designed/created the world.

When it rains in the winter, its a beautiful day.  We must complain only if there's too much sun and it seems like summer. Dry bright days are for summertime, while wet, cloudy days are for winter.  Regardless of the weather, and quantity or thickness of clouds, the sun will always rise on the east and set on the west.

sunset in Shiloh


in the vanguard said...

At least, stuck in Brooklyn NY, I can get vicarious pleasure from seeing your beautiful pictures. Happy Chanuka!

Batya said...

van, thanks