Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Debut Havel Havelim on ThinkJudaism and JBlog News

I'm glad to see that Havel Havelim is being hosted for the first time on ThinkJudaism a blog I must get to know better.

Havel Havelim is the long-running Jewish blog carnival that includes blog posts on all sorts of topics connected to Judaism and Israel.  There's more information on our facebook page.  Next week's HH will be hosted by  Esser Agaroth, to send in your link, click.

I think of blog carnivals as Internet magazines.  There are quite a few on all sorts of topics.  Some are permanently hosted on a specific blog and others float, as I call it.  When I think of the "floating" the song about the floating crap game from "Guys and Dolls" always pops into my head, even though there's nothing illegal about a blog carnival.

There are two other Jewish Blog carnivals, the monthly Kosher Cooking Carnival, click for details, which I coordinate, and JPIX, click for details, coordinated by Leora.  Please participate in them, even if it's only by reading and sharing the links, thanks.

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