Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Chanukah (Tevet) Kosher Cooking Carnival!

Let's start with a better turn down the volume  latke making demonstration:

If you haven't yet seen this, here's your chance.

I've long ago lost track of what number Kosher Cooking Carnival this is, but I do know that we're in Chanukah so it's Tevet.  KCC comes out monthly, according to the Jewish Calendar.  If you'd like to host one, then please contact me.  To submit an article use blog carnival's form or via the instructions on our facebook page.  Next month, Shvat, will be hosted on Frugal and Kosher.  Who can host Adar?  Please let me know, thanks.

The Kosher Cooking Carnival includes all sorts of posts about kosher food and kosher cooking.   It's more than just a collection of recipes.  I include halachik issues about kashrut,  reviews of kosher cookbooks and restaurants, too.  Enough of an introduction, here it is:

special for Chanukah or any time

Yosef presents Onion Bhajis and Cilantro Chutney posted at This American Bite, saying, "A great alternative to potato latkes."

I posted about low-carb latkes, which are worth trying.


Jay3fer presents Pareve Sugar Cookie Mix for (not exactly) a Year posted at Adventures in BreadLand, saying, "Make ahead and store in your freezer for a quick homemade mix to have cookies in minutes!"

Yosef presents Easy Apple Pie posted at This American Bite.

Mrs. S. presents Ceasefire Pie posted at Our Shiputzim: A Work In Progress, saying, "A recipe for chocolate mousse pie. Thanks for all your hard work!"

any time dishes

I present Simply Delicious posted at me-ander.

Jay3fer presents Happy Easy Tomato Egg-Drop Soup posted at Adventures in Mama-Land, saying, "Mmm... with or without chili flakes/sauce, a great way to warm up a chilly fall evening!"

Here's a new version of my vegetable soup, which I managed to make when I could barely use my arm.

anything kosher!

Leora Wenger presents Bok Choy Red Cabbage Salad - Here in Highland Park posted at Here in HP.

Chaviva Karon presents Grilled Thai Chicken posted at Challah Maidel, saying, "Save yourself from the excess amount of MSG,sodium, and calories by making your own Thai sauce for this simple but delicious grilled Thai chicken recipe."

economical use of left-overs

Yosefa Huber presents Cooking Outside the Box: Southwest Chicken Salad posted at Cooking Outside the Box, saying, "With this technique you can make soup and Shabbat lunch at the same time, or use leftovers in a fun, low-fat way."

Jay3fer presents My Brilliant Friend Rachel’s Brilliant Freezer Burritos posted at Adventures in Mama-Land, saying, "Make from scratch or use leftovers - freeze these for quick delicious HEALTHY lunches!"

Restaurant or Cookbook Reviews

Yosefa Huber presents Cooking Outside the Box: A walk in Tel Aviv, lunch at Armando posted at Cooking Outside the Box, saying, "I review a kosher fish restaurant in Tel Aviv."

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of kosher cooking carnival-kcc using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Leora said...

Thank you for hosting KCC yet once again, Batya! And for including my link and all the other great posts, too.

Batya said...

Leora, thank you!!

Pragmatician said...

Great links as usual, there are so many (kosher)great food blogs out there, too bad they don't join.

Saw chicken twic ein the list, so there's work to do :)

Batya said...

Prag, thanks so much! I also wonder why other food blogs ignore it. Most contributers are general Jewish blogs.

Mrs. S. said...

Thanks for the link and for all your hard work!

Batya said...

Thank you, group effort