Friday, December 28, 2012

Thank G-d for The Rain

I've gotten used to the Israeli weather schedule, dry summers and wet winters.  By the end of the summer, the land is dry, brown, parched and liable to burn easily.  Bush fires are a major danger.  Once the rains begin in earnest, there are many benefits. One is that our citrus fruits are totally delicious. 

Hint!  Don't buy oranges until about a month after the first real heavy rain, or they will be too sharp and sour.

The more it has rained the sweeter the oranges and grapefruit are. They are very different from grapes which are sweetest when not watered artificially.  Small, naturally grown grapes are much sweeter than those giant ones that get more water than G-d had allocated in the rainfall.

Every year we can gage the amount of rain by the uncultivated vegetation we see around us.  I love that dainty green.  It's so pure and refreshing.

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